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Lincoln Corsair: Body and Paint / Glass, Frames and Mechanisms

Removal and Installation - Rear Seat Cushion Cover

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Hog Ring Plier Removal NOTE: LH (left hand) shown, RH (right hand) similar. Remove the rear seat...

Description and Operation - Glass, Frames and Mechanisms - Overview

Overview Power Windows The power windows operate only when the delayed accessory feature is active. The delayed accessory feature is active whenever the ignition is ON, or up to 10 minutes after the ignition is changed from ON to OFF while the front driver and passenger doors remain closed...

Other information:

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Fender

Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. NOTE: LH side shown, RH side similar. On both sides. Remove the push pins and the cowl filler panel. Remove the cowl panel grille...

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Service Manual: General Procedures - Transmission Fluid Exchange

Materials Name Specification Motorcraft® MERCON® ULV Automatic Transmission FluidXT-12-QULV WSS-M2C949-A, MERCON® ULV  Connect With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. Refer to: Jacking and Lifting (100-02) ...


Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

WARNING: If the tire does not inflate to the recommended tire pressure within 15 minutes, stop and call roadside assistance.

WARNING: The power plug may get hot after use and should be handled carefully when unplugging.

Check the air pressure of your tires as follows:

Lincoln Corsair. Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

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