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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40 / Removal and Installation - Output Shaft Speed (OSS) Sensor


Name Specification
Petroleum Jelly -


  1. Remove the main control valve body.
  1. Remove the bolt and the fluid transfer pipe.
  1. Remove the bolt, the wire harness clip and the OSS sensor.


  1. Install the OSS sensor, the bolt and the wire harness clip.
    Torque: 97 (11 Nm)
  1. Inspect the fluid transfer pipe seal for damage and replace if necessary. Lubricate the seal with petroleum jelly.
    Material: Petroleum Jelly
  1. Install the fluid transfer pipe and the bolt.
    Torque: 97 (11 Nm)
  1. Install the main control valve body.

    Removal and Installation - Main Control Valve Body

    Removal Remove the main control cover. Refer to: Main Control Cover (307-01A Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40, Removal and Installation)...

    Removal and Installation - Roll Restrictor RH

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Wooden Block Removal With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. Refer to: Jacking and Lifting - Overview (100-02 Jacking and Lifting, Description and Operation)...

    Other information:

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    Keyless Starting

    Note: The keyless starting system may not function if the key is close to metal objects or electronic devices such as cellular phones.

    Note: A valid key must be located inside your vehicle to switch the ignition on and start the engine.

    Ignition Modes

    Lincoln Corsair. Keyless Starting

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