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Lincoln Corsair: At a Glance


Lincoln Corsair. At a Glance

  1. Air vents.
  2. Direction indicators. See Direction Indicators.
  3. Voice control. See Using Voice Recognition.
  4. Audio control. See Audio Unit.
  5. Information display. See General Information.
  6. Information display control. See General Information.
  7. Wiper lever. See Windshield Wipers.
  8. Ignition switch. See Keyless Starting.
  9. Information and entertainment display.
  10. Camera button. See What Is the 360 Degree Camera. Park assist button. See What Is Active Park Assist. Driver assistance button
  11. Audio unit. See Audio Unit.
  12. Climate control. See Automatic Climate Control.
  13. Hazard flasher switch. See Hazard Flashers.
  14. Transmission selector. See Automatic Transmission.
  15. Adaptive cruise control with lane centering buttons. See Switching Lane Centering On and Off.
  16. Horn.
  17. Cruise control buttons. See Setting the Cruise Control Speed. Adaptive cruise control with lane centering buttons. See Setting the Adaptive Cruise Control Speed.
  18. Steering wheel adjustment. See Adjusting the Steering Wheel R.
  19. Lighting control. See Lighting Control. Power liftgate. See Opening the Liftgate From Inside Your Vehicle.


    You should play your part in protecting the environment. Correct vehicle usage and the authorized disposal of waste, cleaning and lubrication materials are significant steps toward this aim...

    Child Safety


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    Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

    WARNING: If the tire does not inflate to the recommended tire pressure within 15 minutes, stop and call roadside assistance.

    WARNING: The power plug may get hot after use and should be handled carefully when unplugging.

    Check the air pressure of your tires as follows:

    Lincoln Corsair. Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

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