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Lincoln Corsair: Rear Electric Drive Assembly / General Procedures - Electric Drive Assembly Strategy Download

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022 Service Manual / Powertrain / Frame and Mounting / Rear Electric Drive Assembly / General Procedures - Electric Drive Assembly Strategy Download


NOTICE: If the transmission strategy information is not correct, transmission drivability concerns WILL occur. The scan tool verifies the numbers entered are valid and will display a message if the information is not valid. The scan tool will check to verify the file and if the file is present on the WEB Host, the technician may proceed with downloading the file to the ISC (inverter system controller). If the file is not VALID, the scan tool will need to be connected to the PTS (Professional Technician System) server to download the file onto the scan tool from the diagnostics tab - Transmission & AWD strategy.

  1. Connect the scan tool to the PTS server.
  1. Connect the scan tool to the vehicle and start a session.
  1. NOTE: The ISC (inverter system controller) is called the SOBDMB (secondary on-board diagnostic control module B) in the scan tool.

    Select the SOBDMB -Electric Motor Resolver Offset Programming.
  1. Using the scan tool, enter the transmission 16-digit serial number and 7-digit service code recorded from the transmission tag.
    1. 16 digit serial number
    1. Part number
    1. 7 digit service code
  1. The scan tool will automatically download the strategy file to the ISC (inverter system controller). The scan tool will display a message when it is finished downloading the data that states that the file was downloaded successfully.
  1. If the scan tool cannot connect to the PTS server from the website, the partial 7-digit strategy alone can be entered for download.

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