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Lincoln Corsair: Engine - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4 / Removal and Installation - Crankshaft Front Seal

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment

303-096 (T74P-6150-A)
Installer, Camshaft Front Oil Seal
303-409 (T92C-6700-CH)
Remover, Crankshaft Seal


NOTICE: During engine repair procedures, cleanliness is extremely important. All parts must be thoroughly cleaned and any foreign material, including any material created while cleaning gasket surfaces, that enters the oil passages, coolant passages or the oil pan, can cause engine failure.

  1. Remove the crankshaft pulley.
    Refer to: Crankshaft Pulley (303-01A Engine - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4, Removal and Installation).
  1. Install the old crankshaft pulley bolt.
  1. NOTICE: Use care not to damage the engine front cover or the crankshaft when removing the seal.

    Using the special tool, remove and discard the crankshaft front seal.
    Use Special Service Tool: 303-409 (T92C-6700-CH)  Remover, Crankshaft Seal.
  1. Remove and discard the crankshaft pulley bolt.


    • Lubricate the crankshaft front seal with clean engine oil.
    • NOTE: Remove the through-bolt from the Camshaft Front Oil Seal Installer.

      Using the special tools, install the crankshaft front seal.
      Use Special Service Tool: 303-096 (T74P-6150-A)  Installer, Camshaft Front Oil Seal.
  1. Install the crankshaft pulley.
    Refer to: Crankshaft Pulley (303-01A Engine - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4, Removal and Installation).
  1. Road test the vehicle.

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