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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40 / General Procedures - Transmission Strategy Download


  1. Using the scan tool, select module Programming and Programmable Parameters under the toolbox icon and select transmission. Follow the instructions displayed on the scan tool. There are fields to enter the solenoid body 12-digit identification and 13-digit strategy recorded from the solenoid body.
  1. NOTICE: If the solenoid body information is not correct, transmission damage or driveability concerns can occur.

    Enter the solenoid body identification and strategy. The scan tool verifies the numbers entered are valid and display a message if the information is not valid. The scan tool will check to verify the file is present on the scan tool. If the file is present, the technician may proceed with downloading the file to the module. If the file is not present, the scan tool will need to be connected to the Professional Technician Society (PTS) server to download the file onto the scan tool.
  1. Verify the file is present on the scan tool. If the file is present, go to Step 8. If the file is not present, continue with this procedure.
  1. Connect the scan tool to the Professional Technician Society (PTS) server.
  1. Follow the instructions on the network to download the strategy file to the scan tool. Follow the tool instructions for downloading the file.
  1. If the scan tool cannot connect to the Professional Technician Society (PTS) server, download the file from If the scan tool cannot download a strategy from the web site, a partial strategy will automatically be downloaded.
  1. Reconnect the scan tool to the vehicle.
  1. Follow the instructions displayed on the scan tool.
  1. NOTE:

    • If a new solenoid body was installed, compare the 12-digit identification and the 13-digit strategy fields from the solenoid body to the replacement solenoid body tag provided with the solenoid body service kit and place it over the existing identification tag. The scan tool will display a message when it is finished downloading the data that states that the file was downloaded successfully.
    1. Solenoid body identification tag
    1. Transmission identification tag
  1. NOTICE: If a drive cycle is not completed, erratic shifts and driveability concerns may occur.

    Test drive the vehicle.
    Refer to: Adaptive Learning Drive Cycle (307-01A Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40, General Procedures).

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