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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40 / General Procedures - Adaptive Learning Drive Cycle


NOTE: The engine and transmission must be at normal operating temperature.

  1. Using the scan tool, clear the DTC and Transmission Adaptive Tables.
  1. Bring the transmission to normal operating temperature.
  1. Follow the table below to complete the Adaptive Learning Drive Cycle.
    Test Procedure
    Transmission Warm Up TFT target (140-212 F) Conduct several light throttle (0%-20%) and medium throttle (20%-40%) upshifts and coastdowns.
    Clutch Stroke Adaptive From a stop, accelerate vehicle to 8th gear above 70 mph (or highest vehicle speed possible). Brake lightly to a stop. Repeat maneuver three times (MINIMUM).
    Upshift Adaptive From a stop, accelerate at 20% pedal until vehicle reaches highest possible gear. Repeat at 40%, 60% and 80% pedal. Repeat each pedal three times (MINIMUM).
    Engagement Adaptive
    • With the vehicle at a stop, perform the following engagements. Pause three seconds between each event. Repeat each engagement three times (MINIMUM).
      • PARK to DRIVE
      • REVERSE to DRIVE
      • NEUTRAL to DRIVE
      • PARK to REVERSE
      • DRIVE to REVERSE
    Downshift Adaptive
    • Tip in at road load to achieve the following single step downshifts. Repeat each event two times (MINIMUM).
      • 5-4 @ 25 mph
      • 6-5 @ 35 mph
      • 7-6 @ 50 mph
      • 8-7 @ 70 mph
    Converter Adaptive Select MANUAL or SST mode. Shift to 4th gear. Starting from 1300 rpm road load, slow crowd to 80% pedal. Repeat maneuver three times (MINIMUM).

    Diagnosis and Testing - Torque Converter Clutch (TCC)

    Principles of Operation Symptom Chart Torque Converter Clutch For torque converter clutch operation, REFER to: Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) (307-01A Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40, Description and Operation)...

    General Procedures - Transmission Case Reseal

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment 205-153 (T80T-4000-W) Handle 205-199 (T83T-3132-A1) Installer, Spindle/Axle ShaftT83-4000-ATKIT-1983-FTKIT-1983-FLMTKIT-1983-FX 307-003 (T57L-500-B) Holding Fixture, Transmission 307-091Handle, Torque ConverterTKIT-2009TC-F 307-566Retainer, Torque ConverterTKIT-2006C-FFMFLMTKIT-2006C-LMTKIT-2006C-ROW 307-758Install..

    Other information:

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    Information on P Type Tires

    Lincoln Corsair. Information on P Type Tires

    P215/65R15 95H is an example of a tire size, load index and speed rating. The definitions of these items are listed below. (Note that the tire size, load index and speed rating for your vehicle may be different from this example.)

    P: Indicates a tire, designated by the Tire and Rim Association, that may be used for service on cars, sport utility vehicles, minivans and light trucks. Note: If your tire size does not begin with a letter this may mean it is designated by either the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization or the Japan Tire Manufacturing Association. 215: Indicates the nominal width of the tire in millimeters from sidewall edge to sidewall edge. In general, the larger the number, the wider the tire. 65: Indicates the aspect ratio which gives the tire's ratio of height to width. R: Indicates a radial type tire. 15: Indicates the wheel or rim diameter in inches. If you change your wheel size, you will have to purchase new tires to match the new wheel diameter. 95: Indicates the tire's load index. It is an index that relates to how much weight a tire can carry. You may find this information in your owner’s manual. If not, contact a local tire dealer.

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