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Lincoln Corsair: Brakes / Auto Hold (IF EQUIPPED)

WARNING: The system does not replace the parking brake. When you leave your vehicle, always apply the parking brake.

WARNING: You must remain in your vehicle when the system turns on. At all times, you are responsible for controlling your vehicle, supervising the system and intervening, if required. Failure to take care may result in the loss of control of your vehicle, serious personal injury or death.

WARNING: The system turns off if there is a malfunction or if you excessively rev the engine.

The system is designed to apply the brakes to hold your vehicle at a standstill after you stop your vehicle and release the brake pedal. This could be beneficial in certain situations, for example when waiting on a hill or in traffic.

Switching Auto Hold On and Off

Lincoln Corsair. Auto Hold (IF EQUIPPED) Press the button in the instrument panel to access the Auto Hold feature on the touchscreen.

Note: You can only switch the system on after you close the driver door, fasten your seatbelt and start the engine.

Note: The system remembers the last setting when you start your vehicle.

Make sure you switch the system off before towing with your vehicle or before using an automatic car wash.

Using Auto Hold

  1. Use the brakes to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. The auto hold active indicator illuminates in the information display.
  2. Release the brake pedal. The system holds your vehicle at a standstill. The auto hold active indicator remains illuminated in the information display.

    Note: The system only activates if you apply enough brake pressure. If your vehicle is on a steep slope, you need to press the brake pedal harder before the system activates.

    Note: Under certain conditions, the system could apply the electric parking brake. The brake system warning lamp illuminates. The electric parking brake releases when you press the accelerator pedal.

    Note: If auto-start-stop turns off the engine, auto hold remains active.

    Note: The system deactivates if you shift into reverse (R) and press the brake pedal.

  3. Pull away in the normal manner. The system releases the brakes and the auto hold active indicator turns off.

Auto Hold Indicator

Lincoln Corsair. Auto Hold (IF EQUIPPED)

The auto hold indicator is shown in the information display. The indicator illuminates in green when the system is active. Your vehicle remains stationary after you release the brake pedal.

Lincoln Corsair. Auto Hold (IF EQUIPPED) Illuminates in grey when auto hold is on but unavailable to hold your vehicle at a standstill.

The system could be unavailable when any of the following occur:

  • During an active park assist maneuver.
  • Your vehicle is in neutral (N).
  • The driver door is open.
  • You do not fasten your seatbelt.
  • You shift into reverse (R) before the system is active.

    Hill Start Assist (IF EQUIPPED)

    WARNING: The system does not replace the parking brake. When you leave your vehicle, always apply the parking brake. WARNING: You must remain in your vehicle when the system turns on...

    Reverse Braking Assist


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    Lincoln Corsair. Information on P Type Tires

    P215/65R15 95H is an example of a tire size, load index and speed rating. The definitions of these items are listed below. (Note that the tire size, load index and speed rating for your vehicle may be different from this example.)

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