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Lincoln Corsair: Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit (IF EQUIPPED) / General Information

WARNING: Failure to follow these guidelines could result in an increased risk of loss of vehicle control, injury or death.

Note: Do not use the kit if a tire has become severely damaged. Only punctures located within the tire tread can be sealed with the kit.

Do not attempt to repair punctures larger than 0.24 in (6 mm) or damage to the tire's sidewall. The tire may not completely seal.

Loss of air pressure may adversely affect tire performance. For this reason:

Note: Do not drive the vehicle above 50 mph (80 km/h).

Note: Do not drive further than 120 mi (200 km). Drive only to the closest authorized Ford dealer or tire repair shop to have your tire inspected.

  • Drive carefully and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers.
  • Periodically monitor tire inflation pressure in the affected tire; if the tire is losing pressure, have the vehicle towed.
  • Read the information in the Tips for Use of the Kit section to make sure safe operation of the kit and your vehicle.

    Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit (IF EQUIPPED)

    Note: The temporary mobility kit contains enough sealant compound in the canister for one tire repair only. See your authorized Ford dealer for replacement sealant canisters...

    Tips for Use of the Kit. What to do when a Tire Is Punctured

    Tips for Use of the Kit To ensure safe operation of the kit: Read all instructions and cautions fully. Before operating the kit, make sure your vehicle is safely off the road and away from moving traffic...

    Other information:

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    Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Glossary of Tire Terminology. Information Contained on the Tire Sidewall

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    Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

    WARNING: If the tire does not inflate to the recommended tire pressure within 15 minutes, stop and call roadside assistance.

    WARNING: The power plug may get hot after use and should be handled carefully when unplugging.

    Check the air pressure of your tires as follows:

    Lincoln Corsair. Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

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