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Suspension System - General Information


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Lincoln Corsair 2020-2024 Service Manual: General Procedures - Rear Window Wiper Blade and Pivot Arm Adjustment

Adjustment Cycle and park the rear window wiper. Verify the rear wiper blade is positioned at the first defroster line located on the rear window glass. If necessary, remove the rear wiper pivot arm and reposition it to line up with the first defroster line located on the rear window glass. Refer to: Electronic Engine Controls (303-14B Electro..

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2024 Owners Manual: Automatic Climate Control

Note: Depending on your vehicle option package, the controls may look different from what you see here. Note: You can switch temperature units between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Note: For hybrid vehicles, the air conditioning compressor may run and airflow can be felt when the climate control is off providing cooling to the battery. Note: You can control some of the climate features using the..


Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

WARNING: If the tire does not inflate to the recommended tire pressure within 15 minutes, stop and call roadside assistance.

WARNING: The power plug may get hot after use and should be handled carefully when unplugging.

Check the air pressure of your tires as follows:

Lincoln Corsair. Second Stage: Checking Tire Pressure

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