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Lincoln Corsair: Starting System - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4 / General Procedures - Starter Amperage Draw Test

NOTE: Make sure the test is performed with the engine at 60.8 °F ( 16 °C) or above.

  1. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
    For additional information, refer to: Specifications (414-01 Battery, Mounting and Cables, Specifications).
  1. Disable the Fuel System. For Gasoline engines refer to:
    For additional information, refer to: Fuel System Pressure Release (310-00A Fuel System - General Information - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4, General Procedures).
    . For Diesel engines refer to: Wiring section for fuel pump inline connector location.
  1. Connect the 0-500-amp probe to the starter B+ Cable and to the VCMM .
  1. Connect the VCMM and use the Oscilloscope option scaled to 100/A/Div. Add PIDS "Ambient Air Temp" and "Engine RPM".
  1. Crank the engine, no more than 6 seconds at a time.

    NOTE: Allow 2 minutes between tests to allow for starter cooling to prevent overheat and damage to the motor.

  1. Record the results, specifically Ambient Air Temperature (AAT), Starter Current (Current Clamp) and Cranking speed (PCM signal Engine_Speed).
  1. Compare the results to the specifications in the workshop manual.
    For additional information, refer to: Specifications (303-06A Starting System - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4, Specifications).
  1. If both signals do not meet specification replace the starter motor.
    For additional information, refer to: Starter Motor (303-06A Starting System - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4, Removal and Installation).
  1. Clear all CMT DTC s.

    Diagnosis and Testing - Starting System

    Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Chart Diagnostics in this manual assume a certain skill level and knowledge of Ford-specific diagnostic practices.REFER to: Diagnostic Methods (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation)...

    General Procedures - Starter Motor Drive Gear and Flywheel Ring Gear Inspection

    Inspection Remove the starter motor. Refer to: Starter Motor (303-06A Starting System - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4, Removal and Installation)...

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