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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission - Automatic Transmission – HF45 / Description and Operation - Differential

The differential allows the halfshafts and wheels to rotate at different speeds during cornering. The differential assembly consists of the following components:

  • Differential carrier
  • Two pinion gears
  • Two side gears

When driving in a straight line, both front wheels rotate at relatively the same speed. This means both side gears are rotating at the same speed as well, while both pinion gears revolve (but do not spin) with the side gears in the differential carrier. During cornering, the wheel on the outside of the turn is forced to rotate faster than the wheel on the inside of the turn. Since the side gears must now rotate at different speeds, the pinion gears rotate on the pinion shaft allowing the drive axles to rotate at different speeds while still transferring output torque.

    Description and Operation - Final Drive

    Item Part Number Description 1 7C0987C098 Traction motor drive gear assembly 2 7H4717H471 Transfer shaft and gear assembly 3 7F4657F465 Differential carrier and gear assembly 4 7L4377L437 Ring gear assembly The final drive gear is meshed with the transfer shaft and bolted to the differential case...

    Diagnosis and Testing - Automatic Transmission

    Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Chart Diagnostics in this manual assume a certain skill level and knowledge of Ford-specific diagnostic practices. REFER to: Diagnostic Methods (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation)...

    Other information:

    Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Intake Pipe

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Hose Clamp Remover/Installer Removal NOTICE: During engine repair procedures, cleanliness is extremely important. All parts must be thoroughly cleaned and any foreign material, including any material created while cleaning gasket surfaces, that enters the oil passages, coolant passages or the oil pan, can cause engine failure...

    Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022 Service Manual: Description and Operation - Turbocharger - System Operation and Component Description

    System Operation Turbocharger And Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Systems A turbocharger is an exhaust gas driven device used to increase the power output of an engine by the turbocharger compressor increasing the pressure of the air entering the engine...


    Audio Unit

    WARNING: Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and injury. We strongly recommend that you use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road. Your primary responsibility is the safe operation of your vehicle. We recommend against the use of any hand-held device while driving and encourage the use of voice-operated systems when possible. Make sure you are aware of all applicable local laws that may affect the use of electronic devices while driving.

    Lincoln Corsair. Audio Unit

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