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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission External Controls - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40 / Removal and Installation - Gear Shift Module (GSM)

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment

Interior Trim Remover


  1. Remove the FCIMB .
    Refer to: Front Controls Interface Module B (FCIMB) (415-00 Information and Entertainment System - General Information, Removal and Installation).
  1. Release the clips and remove the GSM finish panel.
    Use the General Equipment: Interior Trim Remover
  1. Remove the screws and the GSM .
  1. Disconnect the GSM electrical connector.


  1. Connect the GSM electrical connector.
  1. Install the GSM and the screws.
  1. Install the GSM finish panel.
  1. Install the FCIMB .
    Refer to: Front Controls Interface Module B (FCIMB) (415-00 Information and Entertainment System - General Information, Removal and Installation).
  1. If a new GSM was installed, verify the calibration is at the latest level.
    Refer to: Module Programming (418-01 Module Configuration, General Procedures).

    Removal and Installation - Downshift Paddle Switch

    Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Remove the driver airbag. Refer to: Driver Airbag (501-20B Supplemental Restraint System, Removal and Installation)...

    Removal and Installation - Transmission Park Manual Release Cable

    Removal Remove the battery tray. Refer to: Battery Tray - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4/2.3L EcoBoost (199kW/270PS) (414-01 Battery, Mounting and Cables, Removal and Installation)...

    Other information:

    Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Owners Manual: Motorcraft Parts

    2.0L 1 If a Motorcraft oil filter is not available, use an oil filter that meets industry performance specification SAE/USCAR-36. 2 For spark plug replacement, contact your authorized dealer. Replace the spark plugs at the recommended intervals. We recommend Motorcraft® parts that are available at your authorized dealer...

    Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Rear Halfshaft

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment 100-001 (T50T-100-A) Slide Hammer 205-832Remover, HalfshaftTKIT-2006C-FFMFLMTKIT-2006C-LMTKIT-2006C-ROW Removal NOTICE: Never pick up or hold the halfshaft by only the inner or outer Constant Velocity (CV) joint...


    Information on P Type Tires

    Lincoln Corsair. Information on P Type Tires

    P215/65R15 95H is an example of a tire size, load index and speed rating. The definitions of these items are listed below. (Note that the tire size, load index and speed rating for your vehicle may be different from this example.)

    P: Indicates a tire, designated by the Tire and Rim Association, that may be used for service on cars, sport utility vehicles, minivans and light trucks. Note: If your tire size does not begin with a letter this may mean it is designated by either the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization or the Japan Tire Manufacturing Association. 215: Indicates the nominal width of the tire in millimeters from sidewall edge to sidewall edge. In general, the larger the number, the wider the tire. 65: Indicates the aspect ratio which gives the tire's ratio of height to width. R: Indicates a radial type tire. 15: Indicates the wheel or rim diameter in inches. If you change your wheel size, you will have to purchase new tires to match the new wheel diameter. 95: Indicates the tire's load index. It is an index that relates to how much weight a tire can carry. You may find this information in your owner’s manual. If not, contact a local tire dealer.

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