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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40 / Description and Operation - Transmission Description

Disassembled Views

Item Part Number Description
1 70067006 Transmission case
2 7B3627B362 Transmission case dowel (2 required)
3 7D4197D419 Park rod guide
4 7G1007G100 Park rod guide roll pin
5 7F3377F337 Manual control shaft seal
6 7D4107D410 Park pawl actuator rod
7 7H5577H557 Transmission range sensor
8 7C4937C493 Manual control shaft
9 7G1007G100 Manual control shaft roll pin
10 7G3547G354 Manual control lever
11 W712713W712713 Nut
12 7J4387J438 Clutch support tower
13 7D0197D019 Clutch support tower seals (3 required)
14 7J2887J288 Clutch support tower bolts (3 required)
15 7F2427F242 No. 1 thrust bearing
16 7H2907H290 C clutch (intermediate) piston/seal assembly
17 76037603 C clutch (intermediate) piston return spring
18 7B4217B421 C clutch (intermediate) piston snap ring
19 7G3417G341 C clutch (intermediate) apply ring
20 7J4107J410 Input shaft snap ring
21 7C1227C122 B clutch (direct) cylinder snap ring
22 7F2817F281 B clutch (direct) cylinder
23 7E0567E056 B clutch (direct) piston inner seal
24 7F2547F254 B clutch (direct) piston
25 7G2987G298 B clutch (direct) piston return spring
26 7F2347F234 B clutch (direct) piston inner seal
27 7C0007C000 B clutch (direct) piston outer seal
28 7J2517J251 B (direct) and E clutch (overdrive) cylinder and hub assembly
29 7J0087J008 E clutch (overdrive) piston outer seal
30 7J0077J007 E clutch (overdrive) piston inner seal
31 7G4187G418 E clutch (overdrive) piston
32 7H5617H561 E clutch (overdrive) piston return spring
33 7J0297J029 E clutch (overdrive) balance piston
34 7J0107J010 E clutch (overdrive) balance piston snap ring
35 7B1647B164 E clutch (overdrive) friction plates (5 required) (
36 7B4427B442 E clutch (overdrive) steel plates (5 required)
37 7B0667B066 E clutch (overdrive) pressure plate
38 7J4047J404 E clutch (overdrive) pressure plate snap ring
39 7G4757G475 B clutch (direct) steel plates (3 required)
40 7H0957H095 B clutch (direct) friction plates (3 required)
41 7B4777B477 B clutch (direct) pressure plate
42 7H2337H233 B clutch (direct) pressure plate snap ring
43 7F0787F078 No. 2 thrust bearing
44 7H3517H351 B clutch (direct) hub
45 7F2137F213 Input shaft
46 7H3357H335 No. 3 thrust bearing
47 7D0507D050 B (direct) and C clutch (intermediate) shell
48 7C0967C096 No. 4 thrust bearing
49 7H2697H269 C clutch (intermediate) wave spring
50 7H2797H279 C clutch (intermediate) steel plates (2 required)
51 7H2787H278 C clutch (intermediate) friction plates (2 required)
52 7B4377B437 C (intermediate) and F clutch (intermediate) pressure plate
53 7F2197F219 F clutch (intermediate) friction plates (2 required)
54 7F2207F220 F clutch (intermediate) steel plates (2 required)
55 7G3047G304 F clutch (intermediate) sun gear and shell assembly
56 7C0967C096 No. 5 thrust bearing
57 7G2317G231 Sun gear
58 7D4917D491 Reaction/Overdrive carrier
59 7B4217B421 F clutch (intermediate) snap ring
60 7H2667H266 F clutch (intermediate) return spring
61 7E0057E005 F clutch (intermediate) piston
62 7G2417G241 F clutch (intermediate) piston seal
63 7L3287L328 F clutch (intermediate) piston housing
64 7J2327J232 No. 7 thrust bearing
65 7E4867E486 No. 8 thrust bearing
66 7L1927L192 Input carrier
67 7G2317G231 Sun gear
68 7G1787G178 No. 9 thrust bearing
69 7H3757H375 No. 10 thrust bearing
70 7N4737N473 Output carrier
71 7P0307P030 D clutch (reverse) SOWC assembly
72 7L1407L140 A clutch (forward) piston
73 7F2277F227 A clutch (forward) piston seal outer
74 7F2287F228 A clutch (forward) piston seal inner
75 7B0707B070 A clutch (forward) piston return spring
76 7B4217B421 A clutch (forward) piston snap ring
77 7E4577E457 A clutch (forward) wave spring
78 7E3117E311 A clutch (forward) friction plates (2 required)
79 7E3147E314 A clutch (forward) steel plates (2 required)
80 7J4067J406 A clutch (forward) pressure plate
81 7M1577M157 A clutch (forward) snap ring
82 7L3277L327 D clutch (reverse) snap ring
83 7A0197A019 Front sun gear shell
84 7D2347D234 No. 12 thrust bearing
85 7G3517G351 Fluid baffle
86 W500214W500214 Bolt (2 required)
87 7M0927M092 Park gear
88 7F0787F078 No. 13 thrust bearing
89 7G0997G099 Plastic thrust washer
90 7B3017B301 Fluid filter assembly
91 W500214W500214 Bolt (3 required)
92 7J3877J387 Chain snubber
93 7G3557G355 No. 15 thrust bearing
94 7G2497G249 Drive chain
95 7G1327G132 Driven sprocket
96 7G1927G192 Final drive sun gear
97 7G1127G112 No. 16 thrust bearing
98 7F4657F465 Differential assembly
99 7A4417A441 Park pawl
100 7D0707D070 Park pawl return spring
101 7D0717D071 Park pawl shaft
102 7N2657N265 Clutch feed seals (5 required)
103 79767976 Torque converter housing
104 11771177 Halfshaft seal
105 7A2487A248 Converter hub seal
106 7N1427N142 Seal
107 7G1077G107 No. 17 thrust bearing
108 7G3347G334 Ring gear
109 7H3187H318 Ring gear snap ring
110 7H2457H245 Chain cover
111 W500214W500214 Bolt (2 required)
112 7B1967B196 Thrust washer
113 7G0917G091 Stator seal
114 70487048 Input shaft seal
115 7Z3027Z302 Filter seal
116 7G1867G186 Transmission fluid filter
117 7A1037A103 Fluid pump assembly
118 W718204W718204 Bolt (9 required)
119 W708121W708121 Bolt (7 required)
120 7J2877J287 Bolt (9 required)
121 W718615W718615 Studbolt (5 required)
122 7H7637H763 Output speed sensor
123 7D1427D142 Fluid transfer pipe
124 7J1357J135 Center support seal (4 required)
125 7A0917A091 Main control valve body
126 7G3917G391 Solenoid body
127 W714165W714165 Main control-to-transmission case bolt (7 required)
128 W700123W700123 Main control-to-transmission case bolt (10 required)
129 W705654W705654 Main control-to-transmission case bolt
130 7G2767G276 Transmission internal wiring harness frame
131 7F3967F396 Main control cover gasket
132 7G0047G004 Main control cover
133 W714629W714629 Bolt (13 required)
134 7M1017M101 Turbine/Intermediate Shaft Speed (TSS/ISS) sensor
135 11771177 Halfshaft seal
136 7P1847P184 Start/Stop accumulator
137 W500025W500025 Bolt (2 required)
138 W709196W709196 Studbolt
139 W71407W71407 Fill level plug
140 7A5487A548 E clutch (overdrive) piston inner seal
141 79027902 Torque converter

Component Location

Item Description
1 Solenoid body
2 Valve body
3 A clutch (forward)
4 F clutch (intermediate)
5 C clutch (intermediate)
6 D SOWC clutch
7 B clutch (direct)
8 E clutch (overdrive)
9 Reaction/overdrive carrier
10 Input carrier
11 Output carrier
12 Final drive carrier and differential assembly
13 Drive chain driven sprocket
14 Input shaft assembly and B/E clutch hub
15 Pump assembly
16 Torque converter
17 Drive chain sprocket
18 Drive chain
19 Park gear
20 Park pawl
21   FWD
22   AWD

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