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Lincoln Corsair: Exhaust System - 2.0L EcoBoost (177kW/240PS) – MI4 / Description and Operation - Exhaust System - Overview


NOTICE: Do not use leaded fuel in a vehicle equipped with a catalytic converter. In a vehicle that is continually misfueled, the lead in the fuel will be deposited in the catalytic converter and completely blanket the catalyst. Lead reacts with platinum to "poison" the catalyst. Continuous use of leaded fuel can destroy the catalyst and render the catalytic converter useless. The addition of lead to the catalytic converter can also solidify the catalyst, causing excessive back pressure in the exhaust system and possibly causing engine damage.

NOTICE: Extremely high temperatures of 1,100°C (2,012°F) or above due to misfiring or an over-rich fuel/air mixture will cause the ceramic substrate to sinter or burn, destroying the catalytic converter. Do not continue to operate the vehicle if the engine is misfiring, there is a power loss or other unusual operating conditions, such as engine overheating and backfiring.

NOTICE: Do not use oil or grease-based lubricants on the isolators. These lubricants may cause deterioration of the rubber. This can lead to separation of the isolator from the exhaust hanger bracket during vehicle operation.

The exhaust system provides an exit for exhaust gases and reduces engine noise by passing exhaust gases through the catalytic converters and a muffler assembly.

The exhaust system is comprised of:

  • a one piece exhaust outlet assembly comprising of two catalysts connected to a flexible pipe that is mounted to the turbocharger outlet flange.
  • a muffler and tailpipe assembly with front muffler and rear muffler.
  • isolators installed on the body and muffler hangers.

The catalytic converter plays a major role in the emission control system by operating as a gas reactor. Its function is to speed the heat-producing chemical reaction of components in the exhaust gases to reduce air pollutants.

The catalyst material inside the catalytic converter consists of a ceramic substrate.

The catalytic converter is designed to provide a long life. No maintenance is necessary.

Sound insulators and shields, attached to the underbody, protect the vehicle from exhaust system heat and should be inspected at regular intervals to make sure they are not dented or out of position. If a sound insulator and shield is damaged or shows evidence of deterioration, install a new insulator and shield. The sound insulators and shields for the muffler, muffler pipe and catalytic converter pipe are installed separately.

Some exhaust fasteners must be discarded and new ones installed as indicated in the procedures. Discard any damaged or heavily corroded fasteners and install new ones as necessary. Some exhaust fasteners are of a prevailing torque design. Use only new fasteners with the same part number as the original. Tighten the fasteners to the specified torque during reassembly to make sure of correct retention of exhaust components.

    Description and Operation - Exhaust System - Component Location


    Description and Operation - Exhaust System - System Operation and Component Description

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    Note: A valid key must be located inside your vehicle to switch the ignition on and start the engine.

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