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Post-Crash Alert System. Transporting the Vehicle

Post-Crash Alert System The system flashes the direction indicators and sounds the horn (intermittently) in the event of a serious impact that deploys an airbag (front, side, side curtain or Safety Canopy) or the seatbelt pretensioners...

Getting the Services You Need

Warranty repairs to your vehicle must be performed by an authorized dealer. While any authorized dealer handling your vehicle line provides warranty service, we recommend you return to your selling authorized dealer who wants to ensure your continued satisfaction...

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Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Owners Manual: Ventilated Seats

Note: The ventilated seats switch on during a remote start if they are enabled. The ventilated seats may also switch on when you start your vehicle if they were on when you previously switched your vehicle off. Do not do the following: Spill liquid on the front seats...

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Service Manual: Description and Operation - F Clutch

F Clutch Exploded View Item Description 1 Center support 2 F (2, 8) clutch piston seal 3 F (2, 8) clutch piston 4 F (2, 8) clutch piston return spring 5 Snap ring 6 Reaction/overdrive planetary sun gear and shell assembly 7 F (2, 8) clutch steel plates ..


Creating a Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your vehicle and allow devices to connect to it for access to the Internet.

Lincoln Corsair. Creating a Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Select the settings option on the feature bar.

Press Lincoln Connect. Press Vehicle Hotspot.

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