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Lincoln Corsair: Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot / Creating a Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your vehicle and allow devices to connect to it for access to the Internet.

Lincoln Corsair. Creating a Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Select the settings option on the feature bar.

  1. Press Lincoln Connect.
  2. Press Vehicle Hotspot.

    Note: The vehicle hotspot default setting is on.

  3. Press Settings.
  4. Press Wi-Fi visibility.

    Note: The Wi-Fi Visibility default setting is on.

Finding the Wi-Fi Hotspot Name and Password

Lincoln Corsair. Creating a Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Select the settings option on the feature bar.

  1. Press Lincoln Connect.
  2. Press Vehicle Hotspot.
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Note: The SSID is the hotspot name.
  5. Press View Password.

Connecting a Device to the Wi-Fi Hotspot

On your device, switch Wi-Fi on and select the hotspot from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

When prompted, enter the password.

Purchasing a Data Plan

  1. Connect a device to the hotspot.

    Note: The vehicle network carrier’s portal opens on your device.

  2. If the portal does not open on your device, open a website and it redirects to the vehicle network carrier’s portal.

    Note: Secure websites do not redirect.

  3. Follow the instructions on the carrier portal to purchase a plan.

Note: If you have an active plan, the system does not redirect to the vehicle network carrier’s portal when you connect a device. Visit the vehicle network carrier’s website to purchase more data.

Note: If data usage information is available in the vehicle hotspot menu, it is approximate.

Note: If you carry out a master reset, the system does not remove your vehicle from your vehicle network carrier’s account. To remove your vehicle from the account, contact your vehicle network carrier.

Note: The vehicle network carrier provides Vehicle Hotspot services, subject to your vehicle network carrier agreement, coverage and availability.

    Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot


    Changing the Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Name or Password

    Select the settings option on the feature bar. Press Lincoln Connect. Press Vehicle Hotspot. Press Settings. Press Edit. Press Change SSID Name...

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