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Lincoln Corsair: Windows and Mirrors / Moonroof (IF EQUIPPED)

WARNING: Do not leave children unattended in your vehicle and do not let them play with the moonroof. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury.

WARNING: When closing the moonroof, verify that it is free of obstruction and make sure that children and pets are not in the proximity of the roof opening.

The moonroof and sunscreen controls are on the overhead console and have a one-touch open and close feature. To stop the motion during a one-touch operation, touch the control a second time.

Lincoln Corsair. Moonroof (IF EQUIPPED)

  1. Moonroof open. Press and release to open the moonroof.
  2. Moonroof vent/close. Press and release to vent or close the moonroof.
  3. Sunshade open. Press and release to open the sunshade. The sunshade opens automatically with the moonroof. You can also open the sunshade with the moonroof closed.
  4. Sunshade close. Press and release to close the sunshade.

Note: The sunshade stops short of its fully opened position for the comfort of rear passengers. To open the sunshade fully, press the control again.

Note: When closing the sunshade stops at the first panel for the dual panel moonroof. Press and release again to continue to fully close sunshade.


The moonroof will stop automatically and reverse some distance if an obstacle is detected while closing. Touch and hold (C) within two seconds of a bounce-back event to override this function.

    Interior Mirror. Sun Visors

    Interior Mirror WARNING: Do not adjust the mirrors when your vehicle is moving. This could result in the loss of control of your vehicle, serious personal injury or death...

    Instrument Cluster


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