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Lincoln Corsair: Doors and Locks / Illuminated Entry and  Exit If Equipped)

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Doors and Locks / Illuminated Entry and  Exit If Equipped)

Illuminated Entry

The interior lamps and select exterior lamps light when you unlock the doors with the remote control.

The system turns off the lights if:

  • You start your vehicle.
  • You press the remote control lock button.
  • They are on for 25 seconds.

The lights do not turn off if:

  • You switch them on with the lamp control.
  • Any door is open.

Illuminated Exit

The interior lamps and select exterior lamps light when all doors have closed and you switch the ignition off.

The lamps turn off if all the doors remain closed and either of the following occurs:

  • After 25 seconds elapse.
  • You lock your vehicle from the outside.

    Smart Unlocks. Autolock (If Equipped)

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    Battery Saver. Welcome Lighting

    Battery Saver If you leave the courtesy lamps or dome lamps on and switch the ignition off, this feature turns them off after some time. Accessory Mode Battery Saver for Intelligent Access Keys If you leave your vehicle with the ignition on, it turns off 30 minutes after you close all the doors...

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