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Lincoln Corsair: Doors and Locks / Battery Saver. Welcome Lighting

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Doors and Locks / Battery Saver. Welcome Lighting

Battery Saver

If you leave the courtesy lamps or dome lamps on and switch the ignition off, this feature turns them off after some time.

Accessory Mode Battery Saver for Intelligent Access Keys

If you leave your vehicle with the ignition on, it turns off 30 minutes after you close all the doors.

Welcome Lighting

This feature lights select exterior lighting as you approach your vehicle. You must have an intelligent access key with you. The feature turns off when you open a door, liftgate, or unlock your vehicle. Welcome lighting remains on for 25 seconds or until you start your vehicle.

The feature is active when:

  • You configure the feature from the touchscreen.
  • The ignition is off.
  • All doors and the liftgate are closed.
  • You lock your vehicle.

The feature disables when:

  • Your vehicle detects the intelligent access key is inside.
  • The intelligent access key is in close range of the vehicle for more than two minutes.
  • The anti-theft alarm triggers.
  • You do not start your vehicle for more than five days.
  • The vehicle battery charge is low.
  • You approach the vehicle to trigger the welcome lighting feature 10 or more times without switching the ignition on.

Note: When this feature disables, you must switch the ignition on to reset it.

Note: This feature may not correctly operate if you store the intelligent access key within 8–15 ft (2.4–4.6 m) of your vehicle while not in use.

Note: Welcome Lighting does not function if disabled from the touchscreen.

    Illuminated Entry and  Exit If Equipped)

    Illuminated Entry The interior lamps and select exterior lamps light when you unlock the doors with the remote control. The system turns off the lights if: You start your vehicle...

    Keyless Entry


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