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Lincoln Corsair: Seats / Ventilated Seats

Note: The ventilated seats switch on during a remote start if they are enabled. The ventilated seats may also switch on when you start your vehicle if they were on when you previously switched your vehicle off.

Do not do the following:

  • Spill liquid on the front seats. This may cause the air vent holes to become blocked and not work properly.
  • Place cargo or objects under the seats. They may block the air intake causing the air vents to not work properly.

The ventilated seats only function when the engine is running.

Lincoln Corsair. Ventilated Seats

Press this symbol to cycle through the various ventilation settings and off. More indicator lights indicate higher fan speeds.

If the engine falls below 350 RPM while the ventilated seats are on, the feature turns itself off. You need to reactivate it.

Note: To improve comfort, use the ventilated seats along with the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

    Heated Seats

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