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Lincoln Corsair: Power Steering / Removal and Installation - Tie Rod End

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment

Tie Rod End Remover


NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.

NOTE: Left hand (LH) side shown, right hand (RH) side similar.

  1. Remove the wheel and tire.
    Refer to: Wheel and Tire (204-04A Wheels and Tires, Removal and Installation).
    1. Loosen the tie rod end jam nut.
      Torque: 66 lb.ft (90 Nm)
    1. NOTE: Use the hex-holding feature to prevent the stud from turning while removing the nut.

      Remove and discard the tie rod end nut.
      Torque: 35 lb.ft (48 Nm)
    1. NOTICE: Do not use a hammer to separate the outer tie rod end from the wheel knuckle or damage to the wheel knuckle may result.

      NOTICE: Use care when installing the tie rod separator or damage to the outer tie rod end boot may occur.

      Separate the tie rod end from the wheel knuckle.
      Use the General Equipment: Tie Rod End Remover
  1. NOTE: Count and record the number of turns required to remove the tie rod end for reference during installation.

    Remove the tie rod end.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
  1. Check and if necessary, adjust front toe.
    Refer to: Front Toe Adjustment (204-00 Suspension System - General Information, General Procedures).

    Removal and Installation - Tie Rod

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