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Lincoln Corsair: Rear Drive Axle/Differential / Description and Operation - Rear Drive Axle and Differential - Overview

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022 Service Manual / Chassis / Driveline / Rear Drive Axle/Differential / Description and Operation - Rear Drive Axle and Differential - Overview

The RDU is available with 2.58 drive ratio.

Rear Drive Axle and Differential

The rear drive axle and differential unit (RDU ) is a cast aluminum differential assembly located in the rear of the vehicle consisting of the following components:

  • Crown wheel and pinion
  • An electrically activated and mechanically engaged clutch pack acting on the rear drive axles, that applies or removes torque from the RDU to the rear axles when commanded

When commanded by the AWD the RDU Clutch synchronizes the drive shaft speed with the rear wheel speed and allows drive torque from the PTU (Power Transfer Unit) to be fed to the rear axles.

The RDU system consists of the following components:

  • RDU actuator motor
  • Spur and idler gear
  • Ball ramp drive plate
  • Ball ramp driven plate
  • Drive shaft coupling (Plunge style joint companion flange)
  • Drive shaft speed sensor
  • Rear differential carrier and inner or outer covers
  • Differential case assembly
  • Intermediate shaft (splined to clutch discs)
  • Multi-plate clutch pack
  • Clutch pack housing (splined to clutch plates)
  • Hypoid gears
  • Left and right output seals

    Description and Operation - Rear Drive Axle and Differential - Component Location


    Description and Operation - Rear Drive Axle and Differential - System Operation and Component Description

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    Wet or winter driving conditions with ice, snow or salty road mist can cause inconsistent and unexpected wiping or smearing.

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    Autowipers On. High sensitivity. Low sensitivity.

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