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Lincoln Corsair: Automatic Transmission - 8-Speed Automatic Transmission – 8F35/8F40 / Description and Operation - Pump Assembly

Fluid Pump and Transmission Fluid Filter Components

Item Description
1 Transmission fluid filter
2 Transmission fluid filter seal
3 Pump assembly
4 Stator seal
5 Turbine seal

Mechanical Operation

The transmission fluid in the sump area at the bottom of the transmission case flows through a transmission fluid filter to the pump assembly. The pump assembly is bolted to the converter housing and driven by a chain and sprockets. The drive sprocket is turned by the torque converter, the drive chain then transfers the torque from the drive sprocket to the driven sprocket. The driven sprocket is attached to the oil pump shaft.

Item Description
1 Oil pump sprocket and chain cover
2 Oil pump drive sprocket
3 Oil pump drive chain
4 Oil pump drive sprocket thrust washer
5 Snap ring
6 Oil pump driven sprocket
7 Oil pump bolts (5 required)
8 Oil pump
9 Oil pump housing

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