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Lincoln Corsair: Rear Occupant Alert System / Rear Occupant Alert System Limitations. Switching Rear Occupant Alert System On and Off

Lincoln Corsair 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Rear Occupant Alert System / Rear Occupant Alert System Limitations. Switching Rear Occupant Alert System On and Off

Rear Occupant Alert System Limitations

The system does not detect the presence of objects or passengers in the rear seat. It monitors when rear doors are opened and closed.

Note: It is possible to receive an alert when there is no rear seat occupant, but alert conditions are met.

Note: It is possible to receive no alert when there is an occupant in the rear seat, if alert conditions are not met. For example, if a rear seat occupant does not enter the vehicle through a rear door.

Note: The audible warning does not sound when the front door is opened before you switch the ignition off.

Switching Rear Occupant Alert System On and Off

  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  2. Press Vehicle.
  3. Switch Rear Occupant Alert on or off.

Note: The default setting is on.

Note: Performing a master reset causes the system to switch on again.

Semiannual Reminder (If Equipped)

When you switch the system off, a message appears every six months as a reminder that the system is off. You can switch the system back on or leave it off.


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